Maja Luther works internationally to choreograph with some of the world's leading figure skaters, to bring artistic contemporary movement to the ice.
figure skating, ice skating, choreography, choreographer
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Maja’s skating and choreography skills have taken her around the world, working with some of the leading global talent in professional figure skating.


Maja combines the grace and elegance of figure skating with the artistic expression of contemporary dance and artforms such as poetry, music and film; developing skating as an interdisciplinary artform and creating a new movement vocabulary, on the medium of ice.

As a Co-founder of the skating collective, Scobe, Maja helped to initiate the movement of collaborative art on ice, expanding the contemporary art scene to include a new dimension and artistic medium of figure skating.


In addition to her own unique, artistic style, Maja’s decade-long work with some of the world’s leading show companies has given her a wealth of experience in all aspects of show production. This allows her to create customised classical figure skating shows for special events and seasonal productions.


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