Competitive choreography & training
Maja Luther provides technical training and choreography for all level figure skaters; from those preparing for senior level competitions, to young, future champions and beginners of all ages
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Competitive choreography & training

As an award-winning choreographer and certified coach, Maja uses her diverse experiences and perspectives to take every student and skater she works with to their next level technically, artistically and mentally.

Combining the experience of the physical and mental demands of competition, with a deep knowledge of skating technique, efficient movement and motivation, Maja supports each student in a unique way to suit their learning style.


Based on her dance studies and with intention of movement at its core, Maja incorporates a diverse range of movement, skating and contemporary dance techniques; requiring skaters to embrace new levels of technical skills, balance and upper body movement and resulting in an entirely unique style.


Maja implements the following, in order to bring the very best out in her students:

  • A strong technical foundation of skating skills
  • Mental exercises to cope with the stresses of competition
  • Somatic practices for deeper physical understanding
  • Diverse pedagogical approaches
  • Breath work


To train, or prepare for competition with Maja, get in touch here