Corporate health – Movement Coaching
Maja Luther uses unique movement techniques to help individuals and organisations increase their physical wellbeing, productivity, focus and happiness.
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Corporate health – Movement Coaching

The connection between our physical and mental health, as well as well-being in the workplace is becoming more widely understood and addressed. Pushing through endless hours of work without breaks is scientifically proven to be ineffective. Utilising breaks to integrate physical movement facilitates for the right nutriens and hormones to flow through our brain & body, making us more focused, productive and happy.


Maja’s Movement Programme helps people and organisations to take charge of their day, integrating movement breaks into their working-day, in order to:
  • Provide short and long-term benefits to the body and mind
  • Maintain productivity
  • Increase happiness
  • Keep focused
  • Build self-awareness

Work in the 21st century means we spend the vast majority of our time not moving. We sit inside, behind our desks, racing against deadlines while our bodies become tired and our minds become stressed. Technology has made everything easy for us, but our bodies need more.


At the core of Maja’s work is movement. As a trained coach, Maja studied body awareness methods, physiology, and mental health for performers, and believes that movement is the key to happiness, wellbeing and vitality. From a lifetime dancing and skating, her career has taken her from both professional athlete and figure skater, to integrating her understanding of physical movement into the corporate environment. Working with the likes of Royal Caribbean International, to not only choreograph and manage spectacular performances for customers, but to understand the demands of corporate life.


Maja works with companies to provide an individually designed programme to bring physical well-being, happiness and productivity during the workday, through movement. Her techniques teach people how, when and why to integrate simple exercises into their day, which can transform their lives.


To find out more about Maja’s Movement Coaching programmes, contact her now here