Maja Luther

Maja Luther is an artist, figure skating choreographer and movement coach; taking artistic expression to the ice and bringing out the best in people, through a diverse range of movement approaches.


Maja’s work investigates ice as a medium, subject and object through an interdisciplinary approach. Pushing the boundaries of what movement on ice can be and exploring its intersection with other arts forms.

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Figure Skating Choreography & Training

A choreographic fusion of figure skating and contemporary dance, extending the movement vocabulary on ice and embracing figure skating as an artistic, expressive medium. Creative- and improvisation classes as well as technical training for all level figure skaters in preparation for senior level competitions, as well as beginners of all ages

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Maja’s academic research titled ‘body melts – A somatic approach to figure skating’ will be published in the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices in fall 2023. Follow her on social media to stay tuned for news

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