Maja Luther is a figure skating choreographer, competitive trainer & movement coach; bringing the best out in people through a diverse range of movement.
figure skating, ice skating, choreography, movement coach
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Maja Luther

Maja Luther is a figure skating choreographer, trainer and movement coach; taking artistic expression to the ice and bringing out the best in people, through a diverse range of physical movement.


As a former professional athlete and figure skater, Maja’s work around the world, as well as her studies in dance have provided her with a broad range of knowledge, to bring an entirely unique perspective to skating and movement. Her work now falls into three core areas:


A choreographic fusion of figure skating and artforms such as contemporary dance, poetry and filmmaking; extending movement vocabulary to the ice and embracing figure skating as a new artistic medium


Technical training and choreography for all level figure skaters in preparation for senior level competitions to the young, future champions, as well as beginners of all ages

Movement Coaching

Using unique movement techniques to help individuals and organisations increase their physical wellbeing, productivity, focus and happiness

Career & Background

Maja uses movement to bring out the best in people; inspired through a diverse career in figure skating and dance. After competing at national junior level, Maja performed for over a decade as a soloist principal with performances for companies such as Holiday on Ice, Willy Bietak Productions, Stars on Ice Netherlands & Dynamic Shows. Meanwhile, in her education, she graduated with a Diploma in Dance Studies from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London. This set the foundation for a unique, artistic take on figure skating choreography and movement technique.


Maja developed her passion for realising the potential in others at an early age – qualifying with a coaching license for figure skating competitive sports from the DEU German Figure Skating Federation to begin training and supporting fellow professional and amateur skaters, while still performing herself.


Taking on the role of Cast Manager during her performing career, her responsibility moved to managing the performance quality of the shows and leading the team of professional, world-class skaters. She created award-winning choreographies for fellow professionals, as well as choreographed custom performances for Royal Caribbean International.


Working between professional figure skating and the corporate world, while studying and taking courses in people management, Maja developed her Movement Coaching programme.


She has worked with organisations in her native Germany to take the benefits of movement off the ice and into improving people’s lives.


To find out more about any of Maja’s services, contact her on here.

A few of the companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with