As an award-winning choreographer, dance scholar and certified coach, Maja uses her diverse experiences and perspectives to take every skater and student she works with to their next level technically, artistically and mentally. 

Next to competitive choreographies Maja offers somatic based movement workshops on and off ice for competitors and recreational skaters alike to develop body awareness, individual movement style and movement efficiency. This offers a safe space to all skaters to discover new approaches and possibilities in their skating journey. Based on her dance studies and with intention of movement at its core, Maja incorporates a diverse range of movement; requiring skaters to embrace new levels of technical skills, balance and upper body movement and resulting in a unique style for competition and show performances. 

Maja’s decade-long work with some of the world’s leading show companies has given her a wealth of experience in all aspects of show production. This allows her to create customised figure skating shows for special events and seasonal productions.

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