Maja Luther works internationally to choreograph with some of the world's leading figure skaters, to bring artistic contemporary movement to the ice.
figure skating, ice skating, choreography, choreographer
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Maja’s practice investigates ice as a medium, subject and object through an interdisciplinary approach. Encountering ice through the senses offers a space to push the boundaries of what figure skating movement can be and to contemplate climate change from a somatic perspective. Maja is concerned with global Eco- and Climate-challenges we are facing as humanity and investigates how an immersive encounter with ice can support a collective understanding for climate action. In her most recent installation body melts, she invites visitors to sense and feel into the melting process of ice.


In her choreographic work Maja combines the grace and elegance of figure skating with the artistic expression of contemporary dance and artforms such as poetry, sound and film; developing skating as an interdisciplinary medium and creating a new movement vocabulary on ice.

As a member of the Team UNFREEZE Festival Berlin Maja helps to initiate the movement of contemporary skating on ice, expanding the contemporary art scene to include a new dimension and artistic medium of figure skating. She is also a Co-Founder of the Ice Theatre of London which is a community and performance platform for figure skaters of all ages and levels.


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